Weekly Kids Classes

We now offer weekly kids yoga classes across a number of venues in Teesside and Durham. The main aim of these sessions are to encourage children to understand the benefits of yoga and meditation at a young age and to do so in a fun way so that they can share their positive experience of it.

Our sessions use storytelling, activities and a ton of games to get children moving, get them active and create a great alternative to traditional physical activity.

Most sessions are aimed at groups between the age of 4-11 but we can also run classes for teenagers or younger children at request.

Monthly Themed Classes

These usually run monthly and are special one-off sessions to give children something extra. We use iconic venues such as Museums, Football Stadiums and Churches to create an atmospheric yoga and well being session like nothing else in the area.

For example, one popular theme was our Safari Explorer yoga session. Children had the opportunity to dress up and search for rare artefacts around the museum. We led children around the Museum, telling an adventure story as we went around which was both engaging and active.

At the moment, we are running exciting, themed children’s yoga sessions on the last Sunday of every month including Dinosaurs, Wild West, Aliens and many more yoga adventures.


Sports Specific Kids Yoga

An exciting new addition to our services include Sports-Specific Yoga for young athletes and up and coming superstars. We are currently working with teenagers at Middlesbrough Football Club to support children’s growth and prevent injuries.

We also teach them the benefits of mindfulness and meditation so that they can learn the fundamentals of focusing on keeping their head in the game to get the most from it.

We’ve also worked with a number of Rugby Clubs in Teesside and Durham and welcome local sports teams who are looking for an alternative form of exercise to improve their game and leave them with skills to continue afterwards.